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SuperEZMedia Customers' Opinion

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SuperEZ Wave Editor

"This software is almost indispensable. I use it edit my audio files quickly and once I've finished editing, I can just save the file without having to recompress it. Very nice, especially for MP3s and there's no quality loss."

Willa Reynolds

"With a few clicks and a couple of minutes you have SuperEZ Wave Editor installed on your PC: a cool utility to edit your audios. The best thing I liked about it is that it provides many cool effects and I can create my unique ringtones for my mobile phones. I highly recommend you download this and have a try."

Estella Barrie

"I just bought SuperEZ Wave Editor and it's worth every penny! Most of the editors on the Internet do not work and possibly have spyware. Your product works as described and now you have a very pleased customer for life! Thanks for making software that's easy to use and it works like a dream!"

Ferdinand Wagner

"I choose this product because one of our church members has used it and recommended it because it works well. It records sounds from my old cassette tape and the original sound quality is well maintained."

Whilford Hansen

"My experience with SuperEZ Wave Editor has been nothing but a success. It converts my audios efficiently and I can use the batch processing to apply audio effects. I'm looking forward to the next version."

Geoffrey Bryant


SuperEZ Wave Editor Pro

"This powerful editor allows me to edit audio files like editing text files. It displays a waveform window of an audio file and applies records new audio file from any sounds. I'm able to visually edit an audio file with cut, copy or other basal edit functions; also it applies many audio effects like Amplify, Delay, noise reduction and so on to meet all my needs."

Henry Rodney

"You software exceeded my expectations from start to finish. I'm interested in audio editing from a movie-making perspective, so I was thrilled to have SuperEZ Wave Editor Pro rip the audio tracks from my movies. I could fix and enhance tracks and then easily return them to their original form."

Carl David

"This audio editor offers some terrific new features for facilitating my work. It is contain the helpful ripping and burning function that I can use it to save the edited files."

Gordon Brooks

"Your audio editor software is very easy to use that I do not have to be a professional mixer or sound technician to perform basic audio editing or restoring tasks. It can carry out a variety of functions includes more filters than most programs including a band pass and notch filter."

Philip Barkla

"Even beginners can record, extract, edit and burn easily with this superb audio editing software. It helps me create supersonic, professional sounding audio projects. And it works with a variety of audio formats including WAV, MP3, OGG WMA, CDA, VOX and many other formats."

Abbott Odets


Gold Burn

"I used Gold Burn and it works great. It is user friendly and works stably on both Vista and Windows 7. It burns my important data to CDs with ultra-fast speed. You have the best support line of any place I've ever dealt with. I give you a thumb up."

Percy Cohen

"I found your CD/DVD burning software to be the most powerful among all the burner tools I've used. Your on-line demo videos clearly show how to use it. It guides me to burn some precious movies to my DVD successfully. Well done, and thanks! I just had to write to tell you how much I've enjoyed using your product."

Vince Steele

"Marvellous! I want to listen to music with my MP3 player and I ripped all of them in my CDs in a split second. Really a useful disc burner as there is no quality loss at all in the burning process. Thank you for such a nice thing."

Beaumont McDowell

"I have used Gold Burn once and I am extremely satisfied with its processing speed and quality. With the little ISO creating tool, I build ISO images from my important files and burn them to my CDs for backup. Your developing group is beyond any doubt and your products will surely become my best assistant."

Gerard Jennings

"Great help in processing my files. User friendly, performs a variety of functions. It is a nice factor. The only disc burner software I've found that could erase my rewritable disc for reuse. Hope you update it and add more features."

Ralph Mclntosh


Gold Audio Extractor

"It's an awesome program! Perfect for converting many files fast to MP3 files in order to make them CD Burn ready. It's also very convenient since it allows the drag & drop feature which is what initially got my attention for this program."

Gordon Miller

"This is a great piece of software for extracting audio from movie files. We had no trouble getting started with it. Very fast, stable and good quality extractions producing reasonable file sizes. I simply select the videos I want to extract audio from, choose a destination folder and specify the output format."

Garrett Soddy

"You provided me with a simple and easy-to-use tool that lets me extract digital audio from a variety of video sources. Its intuitive interface and versatility make it a great choice for pulling audio tracks from video recordings."

Francis Brown

"Your product supports pretty much any format I can find nowadays. It enables me to convert video files and extract audio from videos in just a few steps. It supports batch conversion that I am able to add as many files as I want at once."

Dulcie Warren

"It really deserves a try. Everything goes smoothly without any interruptions or errors. It does quite a good job of converting FLV to WMA with very fast speed and the output isn't heavy at all. Thus I will enjoy any audio, any music with my friends or my family at home, bus station or any where."

Manuel Nevin


SuperEZ Video Converter

"The best video converter software - SuperEZ Video Converter, supports videos that are in common and obscure file formats and allows me to convert them into a similar range of video file formats. The converted videos come out in good condition and better than what they were in their previous format."

Smithon Lockhart

"SuperEZ Video Converter not only allows me to convert almost all popular video formats, but also can extract audio from video file and convert them to WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, M4A as I needed."

Megan Rossetti

"This video converter converts my video files from one format to another directly. It supports convert video to and from AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV and other major file formats. It also encodes videos for my iPad, PSP and also supports other portable media players"

Truslow Hill

"After comparing with much other video converting software, I'm happy that found your video converter is all-in-one software which could satisfy all my needs in multimedia world with great features and quality."

Hubert Clemens

"Properly converting a video into the format I want it to be in is a difficult process for me. But this video converter is easy enough to use that I only need to operate it step by step following the instruction without any experience."

Trevor Duncan




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