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How to Record Audio?

The audio recording tutorial contains the following steps:

1. Activate Audio Recorder

2. Adjust Recording Settings

3. Start Recording

4. Save the Recording

Required Resources

SuperEZ Wave Editor™ 11.3.1 or later
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With an easy-to-use graphical interface, SuperEZ Wave Editor enables you to record audio and music outside the computer simply and freely, ensuring excellent sound quality. You are able to record sound from any source like microphone, internet streaming, cassette tape, vinyl record, etc.

Audio Recording Guide

1. Launch SuperEZ Wave Editor. Click "Record" button and a browser window pops up. Then, select the recording sample rate & channel in the pop-up window and click "OK" to activate audio recorder.

Activate Audio Recorder

2. In the "Recording" window, choose a suitable recording device and sound source. The provided sound source includes "Stereo Mix", "Mic Volume", "Line In", "Phone Line", "Aux Volume", "Video Volume" and "CD Audio". You can adjust the recording volume as needed.

Adjust Recording Settings

Choose "Mic Volume" if you want to record the sound from microphone; Choose "Line In" if you want to record the sound from the multimedia devices connected to your computer; there are more options like "Phone Line", "Aux Volume", "Video Volume" and "CD Audio".

3. After everything is set, please click "Record" to start recording. You can also click "Pause" to stop recording according to your demands. Then, click "Keep" to input the recording to the waveform window of audio editor. (You can set a specific time by clicking "Timer Record" to automatically start recording. You also have the power to record without silence. It allows you to activate the Windows Mixer by one-click.)

Start Recording

Before recording, we suggest you use Record without Silence to skip recording the silent part at the beginning of a song & record when there is sound signal detected; or, after recording, you can select the segment with no sound and click "delete" to remove them. Also, it would be better if you quit all the programs that may unpredictably prompt a window & play a reminder sound, which could possibly ruin your recording.

4. Now, the recording are displayed in the waveform window, you can use editing function to edit it or add audio effects to meet your demands. If you want to save the original recording, just click "Save As". You can choose an output format and specify the output quality.

Save the Recording



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